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1 Vaping FAQs
1.1 "How often should I change my coil?"

We recommend a coil change once every 1-2 weeks.

Things that may shorten the lifespan of your coil include: the coil being ran toward the high end of it's range, the liquid you use being on the thicker side, or chain vaping (not allowing liquid to re-saturate the coil between puffs).

Be wary of these if you're looking to reach that 2 week mark.

1.2 "How do I prime and install a press-to-fit coil?"

It's important to prime the coil by dripping e-liquid down the center, along the sides of the cotton-lined interior. This is done so you may see the progression of the saturation to the coil, using the outside cotton windows as a guide. Once all of the outer windows appear sufficiently moistened, the coil is inserted into the tank (occasionally requiring proper alignment depending on the system). Lastly, it's useful to test the system and ensure it's operating properly before filling it up with liquid, otherwise you may have to funnel it all out to re-seat the coil...

1.3 "How do I clean my system?"

The best way we've found to clean most parts of your system are alcohol wipes. They tend to take e-liquid off of systems, hands and hard surfaces. 

For any 510 mod, we recommend cleaning the 510 connection and it's threads with an alcohol wipe, as well as the protruding 510 pin of whatever tank you are using.

For pod systems, we recommend removing the pod and cleaning the inside of the system (where the pod seats) with an alcohol wipe, then move to the exterior of the pod itself, Q-tips also help to get into all the crevasses in and around the system.

1.4 "How do I charge my system?"

The way a system is charge depends on the configuration of the battery(ies) inside.

For internal battery systems, we recommend using nothing higher than a 1A output for charging. This keeps a low load on the smaller batteries in these systems and ensures a longer life for your system.

For removable single battery systems, we recommend removing the battery and charging it separately from the device with an external bay. This is not only the quickest way to charge an external battery, but also best for it's overall life as batteries can get quite hot charging inside of a system with less venting than an external bay.

For removable dual battery systems, we insist on removing the batteries and charging them separately from the device with an external bay. This is a must as by charging two batteries internally through a system, the batteries will become imbalanced and be exposed to excess heat which will cause their lifetime will suffer greatly.

1.5 "Why is my system leaking?"

Leakage can be present in a few different ways:

  • Excess heat: due to hot environments or charging with the pod still attached (if it's a pod system).
  • Running a coil too high: not only will the coil burn out fast, but the liquid will thin out so much that it begins to leak.
  • Running a coil too low: this could also cause a coil to leak and burn out prematurely as it isn't operating under it's recommended settings, pulling in too much liquid for the low heat to vaporize and flooding the coil.
  • Running the same coil for too long: over time, the cotton that makes up a coil deteriorates, allowing liquid to flow to areas it typically wouldn't.
  • Old seals: The seals present in tanks deteriorate over time as well and must be changed out at the first sign of leakage from them.